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Ball Transfer unit, Ball Casters, Ball Rollers

Mounting stylesinclude flange, stud, recessed, and drop-in while capacities range from 17 to 2000 Lbs. each.

Materials include plastic, nylon (non-marring balls), carbon steel, stainless steel, and chrome steel.


CY-A series 

CY-15A  CY-19A 

CY-25A  CY-30A   CY-38A

SP series 

SP-8  SP-12  SP-15

SP-22  SP-25  SP-30  SP-45

D series 

D-2H  D-3H  D-4H

D-5H   D-6H  D-8H

CY-B series 

CY-16B  CY-19AB

CY-22B  CY-25B   CY-30B

KSM-FL Series

KSM-12   KSM-15  KSM-22 

  KSM-25  KSM-30  KSM-38   



SP-FL series 

SP-8FL   SP-15FL  SP-22FL

  SP-25FL  SP-30FL  SP-45FL

NJ Series

NJ-12   NJ-16   NJ-25